Dead Mans Hand – a Painting for a Book Cover

The client, Edwin Wong wanted to commission an artist to complete a custom Watercolour Painting. The finished piece would be both a painted piece for his house and the cover for his book called “Paying Melpomene’s Price: Tragedy and the Risk Theatre.”. I facilitated a meeting between Edwin and Silvia. I participated in concept discussions about how to create the painting and we brought together a group of people at
Cenote Restaurant in Victoria for a photoshoot.
The painter Sil Boriani and I discussed and staged a series of photo references for the painting. I shot them. Sketches were created from the photos and the painting was reimagined in a series of steps. When the painting was completed, I photographed and scanned the painting to compare results. The client was brought to the framing shop to pick the frame and mat. Framing was completed. The finished painting “The Dead Mans Hand”, based on a Theory of Gaming in the book.

Dead Mans Hand Finished Painting

Not long after, I shot a portrait with a  requested texture and colour process for conceived by his graphic designer for his Business Card.

Edwin Wong Business Card Portrait

A 2nd Portrait of Edwin, themed around the painting.

Edwin Wong Portrait
Edwin Wong – Dead Mans Hand